Berlin study visit – notes by Michael Hallissy. Day 5, 16 January

Moving to virtualisation is their next step for OSZ

  •  Move to cater for individualisation

Ana’s presentation was excellent and it illustrated the innovative College wide approach OSZ are taking to preparing their trainees, both dual and full-time, for the world of work and society at large.

  •  Interest in developing competences during learning
  • The e-competence framework in Germany
    • Defined the e-competences in the IT Sector and what are these in various sectors [Can we get a copy of this please?]
  • Learning Situations
  • e-Portfolio
  • Some learning examples:

 On one side the school                                                                  On the other side you have the job



The challenge of school preparing people for work

Ana is teaching teachers – she works in teacher education and she also teaches students also


Number of meetings with employers – 3 times a year

  • Formal agenda and it typically lasts for 2 hours
  • The information is provided back to the Subject Teachers- practical information flows back into the college
    • Some teachers believe that these meetings are not enough and that they should occur more frequently.


  • Not just a meeting – there are multiple touching points and avenues to gather information from employers
  • It appears there is a Culture of coming together between employers and educators, even if this could happen more regularly, it is taking place.
    • How might other partners do this?
    • Are they doing it already?
    • How best should such meetings be organised?


E-Portfolio in OSZ


Optimal learning


Differentiation of the learning process is the main goal of the e-portfolio

The goal in OSZ is to transform the school into a house of learning

  • They want to know their learners
    • Know where they are at
    • Support them in the classroom



  • Scenario based learning [in our language these are more like problem-based learning scenarios]


  • Method of teaching – material she has provided for the learners. She has customised the material and reduced it rather than increasing


In the portfolio it states:

The learning statements

  • I can do ….
  • I can analyse …


  • They can grade themselves on their level of competency



Very good approaches to developing competences and in supporting staff to create scenarios to develop these skills


In Germany – competency framework differentiate between knowledge, skills and competences


  • Social competency
  • Self-reflective competency




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