Berlin Learning Log – Tuesday 13 January 2015

Learning Log
Name: Carolyn King
Date: Tuesday 13 January 2015
Organisation: South Eastern Regional College – Northern Ireland

1. Activity description (Summary of what was done that day)
OSZ IMT Campus
• Visit classroom – Full Time students and IT assistants
• Classroom visit – Dual Training; system integration and Linux
AFBI Network visit – Dual Training in System Integration – IT Training Centre of Charite’ Clinic
• Employer/training concepts and meet students.
Cultural Event – S-Bahn Hackerscher Markt – whole group plus eight teaching staff all paid for by OSZ IMT
• Dinner at restaurant Hackescher Hof
• Chamäleon Theatre – In der Hackeschen Höfen, Rosenthaler Strasse 40/41.

2. What did I learn from this activity? What insights did this new knowledge give to me in relation to school/organisation, learner and employer?
OSZ IMT Campus – (there was a power cut and class teaching was disrupted)
• Full time students complete all exams, assignments in college
• On completion they receive two qualifications – vocational certificate and university/polytechnic entrance certificate – this is the motivation to complete a full time course not a Dual Training course
• Student’s source placements themselves – write letter of introduction etc.
• Placements are unpaid
• Last eight weeks during their final year of course (third)
• If the student or company have a problem and the placement ends, it is up to the student to source another placement (the college will offer assistance if there are difficulties)

AFBI Network visit – Dual Training in System Integration – IT Training Centre of Charite’ Clinic. Hindenburgdamm 30, 12200 Berlin, Building 1, Room E19
Mr Stephan Bavar and Mrs Teichmann – this is the company part of the Dual Training
• Training network of universities
• Students start in September
• Students attend for two weeks at a time then one week at college
• Students are educated for three years in the same group even though they come from different public institutions
• Training abroad is compulsory in second year mainly to Ireland
• The tutor will visit the students abroad
• The students receive mainly theoretical training during the first year
• Second year more knowledge therefore can work more on the ‘shop floor’, given more demanding work
• Training offered here is not provided at college.

3. How did I feel about what was presented to me? What did I find innovative?
What did I find difficult or challenging to do or understand and why?

The college sets stronger boundaries! Students are too scared to fail overall course if attendance on placement is a problem.

Similarities to SERC –
• Students find their own placements – with assistance from staff if they have difficulties
• Placements are unpaid
• Students tend to excel when on placement even those who are not too keen in the classroom.

4. What is working well and could be applied in my organisation and why? How would you go about doing this?

Preparation for not just students and placement providers for parents of students under the age of 18 – inform them of the placement expectations e.g. attendance, punctuality, duty of care, dress code and behaviour? Improve communication between college and parents in support of the students.

5. What definitely would not work in my organisation and why?

Any additional comments

Companies ‘try before you buy’, free labour for 8 weeks.
Areas of good practice

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