Study Visit to Berlin — Role and Responsibilities of the Chamber of Commerce/Examining Body

Role and Responsibilities of the Chamber of Commerce/Examining Body

  1. Only dealing with Vocational Training
  2. Overall Responsibility for Content and Delivery of the Interim and Final Examinations
  3. Engaging with Companies and Trainees
  4. Provision of Training for College Staff with Responsibility for Work Placements
  5. Promoting the Concept of Professionalism
  6. Prime Role to Guarantee Excellent Standards
  7. Supporting Trainees to find positions with Employers where an Online Platform for Employers to Advertise positions
  8. Information Day each Year for Technical Professions Re—Companies, Technology and Technical Professions
  9. Providing Aptitude Tests that Trainers can use in the Training Companies
  10. Providing an online Competence-Check of 90 Minutes Duration at Three Levels that Students can access.                                  
  11. (Relevant for Enhancing the Role of the Diagnostic Tool known as the Profiler in City of Dublin Education and Training Board)

 Registering the Training Contracts as agreed between the Companies and the Trainees

  1. Addressing the Status Perception of Teachers in Lower Secondary Education where they are advising students to select the Academic Route as First Choice over and above the VET Sector
  2.  Addressing the Drop-Out Rate of 25% from the Universities                        
  3. (Younger students require support where their Initial Choice was incorrect)  
  1. Partnership between Education and Employers is regarded as having a Positive impact for the Students as follows:
  2. Generating Motivation
  • Providing Extra Curricular Expert Advice
  • Provision of New Teaching Methodologies
  • Exposure to Practical Based Economic Knowledge
  • Influencing the Quality of Future Applicants
  • Advancing the Body of Knowledge
  • Reducing the Percentage of Drop-Out Students where there is a One to Four Months Probationary Period for the Students
  • Addressing a New Phenomenon Re—Older people in the age group of 20 to 30 are Entering the Dual System Re–Finding an Employer, Signing a Contract and Enrolling in a College) having previously completed an Academic Programme/Degree
  1. Providing a Website for Students, Parents, Teachers and Companies Re—Information relating to—-Experiments, Teaching Materials and Information about Co-operations as related to the Partners in Education

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