OSZ IMT Reflection from Study Visit in Slovenia – Day 5

Name:                               Eckert Hebel, Michael Salner

Organization:                   OSZ IMT Berlin, Germany

Date: Friday, 17-04-15

  1. Activities description

Watch presentation of student who stayed abroad for a while

Watch presentation of teacher who worked at a company for 2 Months by his own

Watch presentation about e learning materials


  1. What did I learn from this activity? What insights did this new knowledge give to me in relation to school/organization, learner and employer?

A student of the SC Kranj went to Italy for a practise time. He presented us something about his trip to Italy. He was prepared with a 3 weeks course in Italian and the Italian culture. The trip was supported by Erasmus+. He worked at a Ferrari repair shop. Most of the Italians spoke English so he could communicate quite well because his English was very good too. The whole experience made him more self-confident.


A second presentation held by the teacher who developed the circuit boards at the project week was about the possibility for teachers to work in a company. He did that and talked about it. This was possible with the help of a special co-operation programme of the Slovenian government. The company had the intension to change their operation systems from Windows to Linux. The aim the teacher had was to improve his knowledge about Linux and to transfer this into the school. So the teacher implemented Linux at the company and after his practise time at the company at school too.

The company now also uses the school for further education.


Finally we heard something about learning materials being online. There is a free Website with ca. 1000 text exercises. Every exercise contains a 30 minute video. The problem is, not every teacher is able to work with a PC and it is hard to upgrade the media.


  1. How did I feel about what was presented to me? What did I find innovative? What did I find difficult or challenging to do or understand and why?

Generally it is a good idea to send students abroad for their WBL. In Berlin we also do this a lot.

Also teachers can work at a company or do a practise time there, but this is seldom. One problem is that a teacher who works at the company has to incorporate a second teacher to substitute him or her at school. However, in Germany teachers who want to work at a company for a certain time receive a number of 2 or 4 hours for their industrial practise time.


  1. What is working well and could be applied in my organisation and why? How would you go about doing this?

The preparation course to let the student be aware about the foreign culture is good. Otherwise cultural conflicts in the foreign country could occur.


  1. What definitely would not work in my organisation and why?Any additional comments.

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