CPD Materials

Introduction to the CPD Materials

We have gathered a range of documents and practices associated with WBL.  We have collected these from our project partners as they have been tried and tested within each of their partner organisations.

It is important to realise that all the WBL Guidelines, the Skills4Work blog and Case-studies can be viewed as CPD materials.  It is how these resources are used is the key and we see them as a set of tools that can be used to trigger reflection and discussion within an organisation, so action can be taken to enhance WBL practices.  We also envisage that individuals and organisations will use these in very different ways depending on their own needs.

CPD Cycle graphic

We anticipate that all CPD materials, the WBL Guidelines, the Case-studies and the Skills4Work blog, can be used to support a CPD cycle.  In this way we see CPD as an cyclical process.  Typically such a process would be initiated by reflecting on relevant CPD materials and then identifying an area of WBL practice that you wished to enhance, either as an individual or as an organisation.  To better understand the process and the principles that underpin it please click on the link to the overview presentation below.

Click here to link to an overview of the CPD process

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