Berlin Learning Log – Friday 16 January 2015

Learning Log
Name: Carolyn King
Date: Friday 16 January 2015
Organisation: South Eastern Regional College – Northern Ireland

1. Activity description (Summary of what was done that day)
OSZ IMT Campus
• Using Moodle – practical demonstration, introduction to IT support systems
• Learning situations in vocational training – concepts, design, practice
• Study visit reflection and feedback
• Meet management and staff of OSZ IMT
• Priority over next months.
• Flights home.

2. What did I learn from this activity? What insights did this new knowledge give to me in relation to school/organisation, learner and employer?
OSZ IMT Campus – Mr Ali Hafezi
Using Moodle – practical demonstration, introduction to IT support systems. Moodle is in the early stages of use in the college but they are keen to utilise throughout.

Learning situations in vocational training – Mrs Ana Schachschneifer OSZ IMT
E-portfolios as a tool for training and cooperation. Competence orientated teaching and training (EQF)

Ana teaches students and trains teachers for CISCO and Networking.
• To increase individuals learning, transparency in teaching, optimise the teaching process and realise and diagnose the abilities of the students.
• To use the student’s individual strengths, help them to realise their own strengths.
• Scenario based learning.

3. How did I feel about what was presented to me? What did I find innovative?
What did I find difficult or challenging to do or understand and why?

Moodle is highly utilised in SERC and would be more advanced.

Impressed by the e-portfolio. I had approached the SERC e-authors a number of years ago about e-portfolios. There is evidence of the benefit on placement

Any additional comments

We talk about ‘skills’ – in Germany they talk about competencies.
• Knowledge, skills, competencies – social and self-reflective
• Also competencies in language, maths, emotions and communications.

The ethnic and immigrant students high ‘dropout rate’ was discussed frequently as the main reason for the high percentage during the first few months of the courses.

The ‘Profiler’ diagnostic tool for profiling students when they enter college is utilised in a University in Wales.

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