Study Visit in Berlin — CDETB Project Group

Role and Responsibilities of the Teachers:


  1. To provide the best Quality Service to the students
  2. Participate and contribute to the work of the Technical Group that is mandated to form the standards of each Department in the College
  3. Preparing Students for Work Placements that encapsulates —— “What it means to operate as a Professional Person in the Work Environment —– Re—Conduct, Dress, Time Keeping, Attendance, Communication and engagement with Company Staff
  4. Support Students as regards securing the most appropriate Work Placements
  5. Liaise with Employers
  6. Visit the Students in their Work Placements once or twice a Year
  7. Ensure that Relevant Documentation is completed, collated and documented for processing as per needs of the College and the Chamber of Commerce (We need to get this documentation translated form German into English)
  8. There is a great degree of freedom for the Teachers to Interpret the Syllabus to produce curriculum for the Trainees

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