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Role and Responsibilities of the Student:-


Stages for Students entering the Dual System:

  • Find an Employer
  • Sign Contract that Employer will Register with Chamber of Commerce
  • Provide evidence of Contract when Registering with College



  1. In the context of the Dual System (4 Years) the Person is required to secure an Employer that will facilitate paid employment where he/she will spend Two Thirds of the Programme working with the Employer and One Third of the time in the College.
  2. Students must achieve an Attendance Record of 70% for all Courses
  3. As relates to non-Dual System Re —Full Time (4 Years) Programmes in the College the Students receive no payment and there is an Eight Weeks Work Placement to be completed in Third Year.


  1. In relation to student completing Full Time Programmes in the College it is their responsibility to complete research regarding the most appropriate Company as relates to their Studies for their 8 Weeks Work Placement in Third Year —(Help will be provided where students are having difficulties finding an Employer)


  1. All Students must Operate as a Professional Person while completing the Work Placement Re—Conduct, Dress, Time Keeping, Attendance, Communication and engagement with Company Staff
  2. All Students must inform both the Employer and the College when ill or unable to attend for Work Placement experience.
  3. All Students must Complete Records of their Work Placement
  4. All Students must cooperate with the completion of Contract Documentation



  1. All Students must be prepared to design and deliver a Presentation for their Teachers and fellow students as capturing their Experience during their Work Placement.

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