Study Visit in Berlin — CDETB Project Group

Role and Responsibilities of the Employer:-

  1. Attend two or three Meetings with the College each year


    1. Cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce regarding the Contract between Company and Employee/Student that will also be stamped by the College
  • (We need to have this Contract translated from German into the Languages of the Project Partners)



  1. Implement the conditions of the Contract as agreed with the College.


  1. Provide and Environment for the student where he or she can operate as a Professional person and engage with company staff
  2. While the Work Placement might provide the Student with the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills related to their chosen Career the prime focus of the Placement is one of personal development especially as relates to the Student participating in Full Time Courses


  1. Where a student’s is regarded as unsatisfactory by a Company that student is not allowed to complete the Final Examinations
  2. Companies that employ a large number of Trainees with a variety of Job Opportunities such as Telecomm—-The Selection Boards are seeking potential employees with attributes such as:
    1. Fairness, Honesty and Sincere Intentions, Demonstrating the Real Person, Being able to cooperate with Authority, Work in a Team, Be Confident, Have Good Communication Skills and Possess Soft Skills,
  3. Team Players are rated more highly that Individual High Flyers
  4. Where there is a variety of Jobs in a Company it is better to put the applicants through an interview process with a view to establishing one’s individual ability—-Companies use the technique of removing one person from Group Interviews for periods of 20 Minutes with a view to creating a disturbance that will require evaluating how the members of the Group will Respond such as determining what happened while the person was missing—-What did the individual miss??
  5. Employers want trainees to demonstrate that they are independent and capable of organising themselves while showing an interest and reporting what they have achieved to date.
  6. Theory in the College should match the Work Place.
  7. Trainees can check online the content of the Work Modules in the context of what competencies are required.
  8. (Relevant for Enhancing the Role of the Diagnostic Tool known as the Profiler in City of Dublin Education and Training Board)
  9. Companies want to have good cooperation with the Schools and Colleges to ensure good situation for the Trainees
  10. Training within the company includes Elements such as:                             Insisting on the use of Standard German Language (No Slang Words)
    1. Allocating a day where the Trainees speak a Foreign Language (English)
  11. Using a Project to provide the opportunity for Team Work where Trainees have to work together and take responsibility for removing discrepancies with everybody having to deliver work on time.
  12. Employers advertise for Trainees in the Papers and on the Internet where Aptitude Tests and Problem Solving Interviews are held.

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