Reflection on the Study Visit in Slovenia from the hosts point of view


The preparation phase

We started with preparations early enough (January 2015) so we had enough time to develop the concept of the Study Visit and coordinate activities with partners in the project. In the preparation process of such events communication and cooperation of all participants is very important. We have been lucky to solve organizational challenges and carry out whole program. Study visit was held at the Kranj School Centre which is organisationally very challenging project on its own. With a lot of help and willingness to cooperate we were able to constructively place “Project Week” in the Study Visit and in this way enrich its program. Different view about the activities: when we were preparing the timeline of activities we put great emphasis on informal activities. In the afternoons we organized informal events with a view of better communication within the group and making opportunities for reflection and transmission of ideas.

The organizational aspect

The program of Study Visit was very demanding and it was very important to follow the timetable. Professional attitude of guests and all participants (employers, school, CPI…) made possible to carry out all activities within the timeline.


The main objective of Study Visit was to present WBL in technical and vocational schools in Slovenia. During the preparations we have set the following guidelines:

  • Position of WBL in the school system
  • Demonstration of WBL in companies: real case studies, interviews with employers and students
  • Demonstration of practical training in schools
  • Presentation and interpretation of the concept of Intercompany Education Centre (IEC): IEC in Kranj School Centre, IEC Bled: learning centre for catering and tourism – Hotel Astoria
  • Selection of professional fields presented during Study Visit was tailored for participants of working group
  • Presentation of “Project Week”: leaning situations in the school
  • We wanted to enable as many opportunities for reflection and constructive discussions as possible

During the Study Visit we were mostly in the role of “lecturers”. All of the participants were interested in our system of work and made a lot of comments, had a lot of questions. We tried to answer them in the best way.

Impressions about the participants of the Study visit

Positive connection was established immediately when we first met at the airport. Everyone was so kind, enthusiastic and you could tell that they appreciated being here in Slovenia. They followed the instructions, were always on time and took notes or asked relevant questions during the presentations. We found out you do not always need a special time and place in the agenda to engage reflection. It happened spontaneously at lunch, dinner or informal afternoon activity. We believe they learned a lot about our school system and manage to compare it with their own. Good relationship definitely made it easier to feel welcome, relaxed and able to gain information valuable to the project.

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